Monday, June 27, 2011

Strong Self-Confidence In Life Puts You at The Steering Wheel of Your Life!

Self-confidence is an attitude, which will allow you to have a positive, yet realistic views of yourself and your situations.
When you have self-confidence, you will trust your own abilities, and experience a general sense of control over your life. You will believe that, within reason, you will be able to do what you want to do.

Self-Confidence In Life - Build It Nurture It And Share It!

Having self-confidence in life brings with it a feeling of freedom and strength, resilience and overwhelming self-control.

Self-confidence is an attitude that is learned through the many experiences of life. When you experience success, you will tend to expect to be successful.

A positive expectant attitude will cause you to have a feeling of confidence.

For example: A young man wants to learn how to be a prizefighter, so he takes lessons, and gets a manager. His Manager will not put him into the ring until he has built up enough stamina and skill and even then, the manager will only put him up against a competitor that he knows his fighter can beat.

When his fighter beats the opponent, he is successful, and starts to gain self-confidence in life and his abilities. With each contest, the manager puts his fighter up against an opponent who is a slightly better fighter then the last, but not good enough to beat his man.

By the end of the third fight, the young gladiator begins to expect to win his fourth, and so his self-confidence continues to grow. This scenario continues to repeat itself and as long as the fighter wins, his expectations of success, and his feelings of self-confidence will continue to grow.

Self-Confidence In Life - Try This Mental Exercise And See How You Feel

Imagine how your life would improve if you felt confident. Just think of how you would feel if you never doubted yourself. Would it not be a wonderful feeling of true freedom when you just naturally expected you could accomplish anything you wish.

Right now your going to give yourself those wonderful, expectant feelings of success and great achievements.

First, sit back and take a few minutes to allow yourself to relax. If you know how to do progressive relaxation, then you should go ahead and do that. Or simply fantasize a relaxing experience.

Do you enjoy the beach? If you do, then make a brief fantasy of being at the beach. If your thing is the mountains, then make a little fantasy of being there. Once you feel relaxed, it's time for you to begin your first exercise.

Make a mental movie of yourself and in your movie I want you to see yourself appearing to have self-confidence in life. What would you like having self-confidence to accomplish for you? How would you like it to make your life better?

That's what the story of your mental movie will be about. Make your movie as realistic as possible. To the best of your ability, you need to make them: Moving; in color; close; three dimensional; focused sharply; and normally bright.

Experiment with the following attributes of your mental movie to see which one makes it feel the most believable to you: Try adding a border; try making it border less (like an un-framed picture); try making your movie into a panorama.

Adjust your movie so that it feels as real and believable as possible. The more often you watch these mental movies, the better. Bedtime is an excellent time to make these mental movies.

Building Self-Confidence In Life Requires You To Take Action As It Will Not Just Appear One Day!

When you continually visualize yourself as being a strong confident person your self-confidence in life will grow to heights you could have never imagined.

The Power of Visualization By Lee Pulos, Ph.D.

Visualization has helped millions of people achieve goals. And it can be the most powerful tool for achievement you have ever used. Whether it is for decision making, problem solving, heightening creativity or controlling a specific behavior, The Power of Visualization can transform your life. Let Dr. Lee Pulos teach you that, truly, seeing is achieving.

That is until you actually do imagine it. The power of your imagination is one of the most powerful forces in the universe and you control it all.

Grow with your imagination and experience yourself accomplishing some of the greatest achievements. Play these mental movies everyday of your life, try it two or three times a day.

You will be amazed at what you are truly capable of doing in your life. Live out your greatest dreams and your biggest wishes all in your imagination and play out the roles as though you can easily accomplish that what you wish.

When you play out these dreams your self-confidence in life will be greater than you would have ever believed.

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